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Best film: WTF?
The big shock on Oscar night wasn't some fugly English actress picking up an Oscar for playing a fugly English queen. No, Hollywood loves anything about the British class system because almost nobody in Hollywood has any class. 

The real shock of the night was an old film from 1989 winning its second Oscar for "Best Movie." 

According to normal Oscar rules, the best film must be a production that has been released in the past year. However, in a little known sub-clause in the Academy's rules and regulations, members of the academy are allowed to vote for any heart-warming story about a Black person and a White person overcoming their "racial differences or something" while saving on expensive sets (i.e driving around in a car) in 1960s America. 

Best actress: Fugly
This allowed "Driving Miss Daily," first released before the internet, to re-enter and defeat the other weak contenders for "best film." The fact that this is an award that usually goes to the most preachy and pretentious film, rather than one that's actually fun to watch, also helped.

Moral signalling films do well at the Oscars because the paedos, perverts, and drug addicts who run the movie business like to feel a faint glow of moral virtue as they bugger small boys, turn women into prostitutes, and spread cultural poison. 


Unknown said...

The criticism of Olivia Cole is disgusting. She's a very attractive women. And I guess you don't understand the purpose of acting. She was playing a character for which she gained weight and downplayed her natural beauty. Her performance was brilliant and the reason she has won a whole series of awards for it.

Green Book won because it was the best crafted of all the nominees. All the others had serious plot holes. Green Book is beautifully written, brilliantly performed and a hit with audiences.

Unknown said...

And not for nothing but it's catholic priest and closeted Republicans who are buggering small boys and trolling airport mens rooms and visiting gay bars late at night after voting against gay rights during the day.

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