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Professor Jenkins "discharging" her duties.
Following the trail blazed by naked Cambridge professor Victoria Batemen, yet another lady professor from one of Britain's elite universities has started lecturing in the nude. But this time with a new twist. 

Rather than just flashing her saggy tits and smelly untrimmed bush at her audience to get attention, Professor Sandra Jenkins of Oxford University goes one better by not only getting naked but also covering herself in large globs of vaginal discharge. 

For the large number of incels amongst our readers, vaginal discharge is an odd, whitish or creamy, mucous liquid that is created naturally by women's bodies at the beginning and end of their menstrual cycle. In itself it is nothing to be afraid off, although many men are reported to be scared of it.

Before her lectures, Dr Jenkins collects copious amounts of this viscous, strong-smelling goo from her feminist friends and lesbian poetry circle. She then keeps it in Tupperware containers in her fridge, sometimes for weeks at a time, in order to prevent it growing mould. 

During her frequent speaking engagements, she takes it onstage in a large plastic bucket and applies it to her naked body with a spoon to make rhetorical points like Brexit "stinks" really, really badly. 

She also scoops the gooey liquid off her head and places large dollops of it in her mouth, again to make the extremely clever rhetorical point that the "taste" of Brexit is also rather unpleasant.

Professor Bateman, enjoying the aroma of a nice cup of tea and her fanny.
It is not unusual for Professor Jenkins to actually vomit on the stage at this point in her talks. But she also turns this to good advantage by saying that a Second Referendum would be an excellent way to "throw up" Brexit and remain in the EU.

As the climax to her lectures, Dr. Jenkins, who specialises in LGBTQ intersectionality and the metapolitics of cat toys, also takes a massive shit on the edge of the stage. 

Alas, this is not done to make any more rhetorical points, such as Brexit is "total shit" etc., but is mainly because she is afflicted with explosive bowel syndrome.

She then finishes her talks, which are very popular on the Remainer lecture circuit, by mixing the puddles of vaginal discharge and the pools of her own faeces, and rubbing it all together on herself as she runs around the theatre, screaming like JF Gariepy's girlfriend

She does this until the men in white coats appear, hose her down, and take her away to a secure mental asylum. According to her website this last bit represents the "fascism and brutality of the male patriarchy," which "tyrannically" allowed over 17 million people to "violently" abuse the democratic process by voting for something that the metropolitan elites did not approve of.

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