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LARPing as a straight man and American patriot?
"Little Marco" Rubio, the charismatic senator from Florida, knows the score. 

In order to get elected in homophobic America, gay politicians have to keep their true sexual preferences on the down-low. While Americans are all about "tolerating the gay" few of them are happy to vote for them, unless they play along and pretend to be totally straight.

Rubio had a close thing when he tried to run against Trump in 2016, when rumours of a gay "under life" started to emerge. Stuff like this:

But luckily for "Bath House" Marco, he lost and most of the rumours went back to sleep. He was able to successfully retreat to a lower and less exposed niche in the political food chain as an influential Senator. 

Now most low information voters in his neck of the woods just think he's a suitably White-presenting, heterosexual Hispanic man with an adoring wife who obviously loves him:

"Gee, this beard tickles..."
But, as we see with people like Richard Spencer and Emmanuel Macron, the act of the secretly gay man with the beard wife is a difficult one to pull off and cracks are sure to open up revealing the secret truth hidden beneath.

So it is with Little Marco, who destroyed his carefully nurtured straight image with just one tweet yesterday in which he appeared to openly fantasise about another man -- and indeed a straight man -- being sodomised to death by seedy Deep State actors.

Here is the tweet with a suitable reply from Wikileaks:

The image shows Libyan ruler Colonel Gaddafi, who was famously overthrown in a US-backed military coup and then sodomised to death. 

Most of the media are taking this tweet the wrong way, viewing it merely as evidence that Rubio is a sinister war hawk who is merely threatening President Maduro of Venezuela with a coup resulting in death. But the sodomy angle can hardly be ignored. 

Out of dozens of world leaders that the US has overthrown over the years, why did Rubio go straight for the one who was essentially buggered to death?

Yes, Little Marco, we feel your pain. Why couldn't they have let you be the one to finish off Gaddafi? 

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