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Boomer evil personified
God would have made his point all the better if he had struck down Robert J. Santella with lightning at the time that he made his infamous "Satanic" pro-abortion rant in 2016. But it looks like the Big Man in the Sky finally got round to it. Trad News has just learned that he passed away one year ago. Here is his entry at Legacy.com:

Robert J. Santella, MD December 4, 1943 - January 17, 2018 San Diego, CA Dr. Santella passed away unexpectedly and will be missed by family and friends. He was a practicing physician for the past 35 years in the San Diego area and was loved and respected by many. 

Back in June 2016 Santella shocked the world with his extremely bad optics "pro-choice" rant to anti-abortion activists peacefully protesting outside the clinic where Santella was massacring unborn infants. Here's that immortal video:

Dressed in surgical scrubs, but without the bloodstains of the many innocent babies he had slaughtered throughout the years, Santella approached the protesters hissing and growling in a mock-demonic voice, saying that he loved killing babies.

"I never listen to Christ," he snarled. "I do have a darkened heart. I do, I do. Very much so."

The video led to Santella's dismissal, not for the fact that he killed babies -- because that's fine in Democratic-controlled states in the US -- but simply because he loved doing his work. It's hard not to see this as a little unfair and to see Santella as a scapegoat for a murderous system.

In fact Santella got the job at the clinic because of his willingness to weather protests by the pro-life demonstrators. He was hired full time by the chain that ran the abortion clinic in the early 2000s when two previous abortionists quit due to the efforts of pro-life activists.

Following Santella's dismissal in 2016, he also ran into problems with the California medical board and had to surrender his licence shortly before his death in order to avoid having it revoked. This followed allegations that he had prescribed controlled substances, including opioids, to six patients without conducting a physical examination or giving suitable reasons. Essentially he was operating as a legalised dope pedlar.

Santella was also charged with other misdeeds and poor medical practices. This is because in California they only want you to butcher the babies, not the pregnant woman.

Following his death in January 2018, his wife died 5 months later. Adding a bleak but appropriate note is the fact that the couple left behind no children of their own. 

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