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President Trump's main goal at his State of the Union Address was obvious. He basically wanted to say things to please the Democrats and get them clapping along and chanting "U-S-A" with his Boomer fan base. 

The reason he tried to do this was to create a fake image of American unity in the hope that it might become partially real. Maybe this would somehow lead to the Dems giving him some funding for his wall -- possibly in return for DACA for the entire rest of the World or something -- "whimper, whimper..."

For this reason his speech was one "we all support this" trope after another, each one designed to get Boomers pumping the air along with Dems.

He got Buzz Aldrin in the room, one of the original guys who allegedly went to the Moon. How could everyone not stand up and clap that hero? Many did, but some didn't, including... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Then we had a little girl who had beaten cancer. 

Come on, that's something Republicans and Democrats can all get behind. Stand up and clap with me, plz.

Cue another frosty frown from Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.

Then we had an officer who took several bullets charging into the Tree of Life Synogogue to stop a massacre of Jews. Boomers in the audience creamed themselves at this selfless sacrifice for Murca's "greatest ally," but AOC merely sat on her hands while her face did a polar vortex.

The same thing with the D-Day veteran who fought "the real racists," the Dachau liberator, and the Holocaust survivors. AOC may as well have been listening to Trump describing eating a baby.  In fact, that would probably be the one thing that would have got her hollering her support given the Democrat position on baby killing. 

But whatever Trump said, she gave him fuck all. Even his plea for more legal immigration than ever before -- a direct breach of countless promises made to his base on the campaign trail -- drew an absolute blank!

What made this crushing defeat for Trump all the more bitter is that AOC is a naturally cheerful person, who smiles, laughs, and dances her way through the day. But when Trump delivered each and every tryhard trope of bipartisan consensus, there she was with a pout and a scowl to shoot it down in flames. 

The reason AOC won this bout is because she understands the reality that America is completely polarised and deeply divided between two forces that inherently wish to destroy each other. Back in 2016 Trump understood this too, which is why he won. But now he is pathetically peddling a myth that America can somehow be united, when it clearly can't.

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ChanChanRight said...

i like AOC...would lick every inch of her body with my tongue...
and she hates rich people, which is a definite plus...

accelerationism, ahoy

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