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McNabb on his way to extract blood from Black patients.
Right now the Alt-Right is getting its ass handed to it in a bucket after a major deplatforming and demonetization campaign. Amazon recently banned a lot of Alt-Right books while YouTube has been demonetising and deboosting Alt-Right channels like f**k.

But the good news for the Alt-Right is that Alex McNabb of TDS has managed to keep his job as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for Jeb Stuart Volunteer Rescue, despite attempts to get him kicked out of his job for appearing on a podcast where the hosts routinely use racial slurs and Hitler post. 

Our story pointing out that McNabb is actually Black and TDS is Jewish controlled probably help him across the line here.

A jubilant Huffington Post reported the joyful decision not to fire McNabb, who it appears actually does his job pretty well:

A prominent white supremacist podcaster could soon go back to work as an emergency medical technician in southwestern Virginia after a state health department investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Alex McNabb, a frequent co-host of the neo-Nazi podcast The Daily Shoah, did not discriminate against any of his patients during the course of his work as an EMT in Patrick County, the state investigation found.

HuffPost first reported the investigation into the EMT, which arose from two anonymous complaints made against him, in December. Ron Passmore, division manager for regulation and compliance at the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Services, confirmed that the investigation concluded Wednesday.

“After thorough interviews and investigations and all the available evidence, we found he did not violate a rule regarding discrimination inpatient care,” Passmore said.

So, finally there is a job that Alt-Righters can't be doxxed and fired from for their political opinions outside working hours!

When journalists were being laid off recently, they were mockingly told to "learn to code." This would not be an option for unemployed Alt-Righters as tech companies tend to lean pretty far to the Left -- at least the cultural and social Left -- and root out anyone to the right of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as James Damore found out. But now, thanks to McNabb, the Alt-Right has found a profession that is unwilling to fire them for the opinions they hold and express outside their working hours. 

So, Alt-Righters, get yourselves to med school and learn to EMT. 

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