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It's a well-known fact that the British police PC Stasi have fits whenever someone tweets a mean thing about Muslims or teaches their pug dog to ironically do a Richard Spencer salute. 

So, one can only imagine how their blood must literally be boiling in their veins at the latest blow struck for free speech in Britcuckistan. This was made when some clever troll hacker seized control of a large electronic screen in the centre of the Welsh city of Cardiff and started transmit "heretical images" directly to members of the British public for several hours.

No doubt the screen is usually used to transmit images of loving interracial couples, the smiling faces of refugees, and Black Romans and Medieval Britons in a constant barrage of 1984-style propaganda and thought control. So imagine the impact of showing a range of images that included ironic Swastikas, ironic 1984 propaganda, ironic sharia zone notifications, and a rare Pepe.

No doubt the transgender-friendly and Islam-compliant British police force literally has smoke pouring out of its ears. Hopefully their heads will now explode. 




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