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The Philippines is what the United States could be like if the Deep State and Donald Trump were on the same page rather than at loggerheads.

While Trump struggles to get the smallest part of his election promises passed into law and enforced, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte can basically have the scum rounded up and shot while he jokes about it at press conferences. 

The main problem the Philippines has is a massive drug  problem -- partly the legacy of US military bases that once defiled this beautiful country of innocent peasants and fishermen. This in turn causes political corruption, as drug money is used to buy off policemen and politicians. The end result is a human sewer of vice and degradation. 

But under the benign rule of "Duterte Harry" all that is changing, and all because the President's hands are not tied.

In the latest example of how democracy should work, President Duterte called out Reynaldo Parojinog, the mayor of the city of Ozamiz on Mindanao island, for having links with the illegal drugs trade. The next thing you know the police make a polite "business call" on the mayor, with the result that he is now "officiating" at the local morgue. 

Parojinog was killed with his wife and 10 others in a hail of gunfire after police served a warrant and somehow the safety catch on somebody's pistol slipped. 

Should have cooperated with police officers.
Police say they were fired on first. Friends of the victim say it was the other way round. Either way Parojinog joins the more than 7,000 people who have been killed in Duterte's war on the drugs trade, launched exactly a year ago.

Parojinog is now the third Philippine mayor to be killed in the government's crackdown. In addition to the mayor, his brother was also killed in the dawn raid, and his daughter, the city's vice-mayor, arrested. Officers also recovered rifles, cash, and illegal drugs.

OK, occasionally innocent people are going to get caught in the crossfire, and that is too bad. But on the other hand, how many innocent people suffer when a country is run by drug gangs and corrupt politicians? 

Now, if only Trump could deal with the corrupt scum who run America's "sanctuary cities" in a similarly decisive manner. Come on, Deep State, get on board. You know you want to.

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Doctor, it's been more than four hours!

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