Richo vs. Milo

In a scathing video posted on’s YouTube channel, Richard Spencer has denounced Milo Yiannopoulos’s recently announced comeback

Only days ago Milo had announced that he had received $12 million in funding to found a media and public speaking company designed to trigger Leftists and Liberals.

In his video Spencer warned Milo not to "surf" on the Alt-Right's energy, as he did previously when he rose to fame.

"The Altright pretty unequivocally hates Milo,” Spencer snarled. “There may be one or two exceptions but those people are themselves homosexual. Milo and the Alt-Right are not friends. I feel like I do have to say this and I hope that someone takes this little clip out of this video. But Milo is not Alt-Right. Milo has never really been Alt-Right."

The Alt-Right “brand” has had an interesting and somewhat convoluted history since it was launched in 2010. At one point, Spencer himself moved away from the brand, shutting down the original site in 2013 and then founding the immeasurably more boring Radix site. 

Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell, however, managed to maintain the continuity of the brand, something that was later boosted by the term’s growing popularity on social media and its unfortunate co-option by predominantly anti-Semitic, trollish, Neo-Nazi, “1488” sites like TRS, the Daily Stormer, and Breitbart. 

Fueled by gay jealously of Milo, Spencer started reasserting his connection to the brand in 2015, and early this year launched, an attempt to unify the disparate strands of the Alt-Right into a more Spencer-centric movement with silly haircuts, tiki torches, and nipple-revealing Radix T-shirts.

"Milo, how could you?"


  1. Milo is a GATEWAY to the Alt Right. If you don't like certain groups, just be happy they go to him & listen & they don't end up being commie libtards. Milo caught my eye & I did more research & now I would more relate with Spencer rather than Milo but it is unattractive to be attacking him in this way. Ever seen a female hate on the other female? Makes the hater look ugly. Please the Alt Right needs to enjoy the spillover that comes from Milo's crowd. They won't even look into hardcore Alt Right if they think we are a bunch of haters. People like him & do more research & learn then lean more right. If you disagree with some of his policies, then just don't speak on it at all- it makes you look PETTY & detracts from YOUR message. He actually does have a message even if you do disagree with it & he never claimed to be alt right at all. Appreciate that he has brought people to the Alt Right movement & encouraged them to educate themselves & join because there are alot of people who come to the Alt Right after hearing Milo, then they would give Spencer a listen if he wasnt so petty.

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    2. Milo is a gateway to degeneracy and a attempt to push a positive view of pederasty and homosexuality. To basically give it a kosher spit polish in a cultural libertarian and conservatism ideology while merely giving lip service to the Alt-Right.

  2. where did milo get 12 mill? From the Establishment, I would guess--he is being paid to subvert the white populist revolution...

    1. Milo owned a successful media company and sold it for a lot of money before joining Breitbart. This is common knowledge.

    2. T-shirt sales.


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